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"How hard can it be?"

A somewhat naive thought, in retrospect, of two watch enthusiasts whose interest and experiences resulted in the dream of creating their own watch brand. Just like many other business ideas, Tusenö was based on a problem. ”Where is the watch brand with more refined finesse than the usual ”perfume watch brand” (brands that sell clothes, sunglasses, perfumes, watches etc etc) but doesn’t cost a months salary or more?”

The idea of creating a watch brand came back in 2014. Fast forward to October 2015 and you have, after a massive support, Sweden’s at the time most funded watch project through crowdfunding, ever. A huge confirmation that it was not just us that wanted this kind of watch brand.Tusenö was born.


No. 1

Sweden's most funded watch in crowdfunding history.


The most promising star

Nominated as one of the most promising stars on the Scandinavian watch market.


Blackwater SSRS Edition

Introducing our first automatic watch. A limited edition together with the Swedish Sea Rescue Society.

Why Tusenö?

Today, despite having customers in over 70 countries, we still work with a very tight marketing budget. The secret to the success is simple and the same since the beginning; satisfied customers talk about their watches.

A large part of the top watch industry, both Swiss and other, use the same manufacturers for their production. Thanks to hard work, great connections and a bit of luck, we can do so too. This allows us to create exceptionally high quality watches.

How can our prices be much lower than the big players? The answer is our low marketing budget. Most large watch brands run huge campaigns, celebrity partnerships and sponsorships. Those things cost a lot of money. That’s not how we work. We focus on creating the best quality watch possible at an affordable price, so that you can do the marketing for us instead, just by talking about your watch.

"The name, Tusenö, comes from an old book of charts, referring to the Swedish west coast as "the coast with the thousand islands" or in Swedish "kusten med de tusen öarna"."

– Alexander, founder

The future and design philosophy

At Tusenö we advocate sustainable business and doing things at our own pace. All opportunities from investors to scale production and marketing has been kindly, but firmly refused - We are in this long-term with product and quality in focus.

When developing a new watch model, it’s done from the ground up, no shortcuts. The models are always based on what we would like to wear ourselves (we dare to say that we know quite a bit about watches) and with great attention to detail, exciting material and exceptional quality we create timeless and classic models that will last throughout the years.

With a lot of interesting models on the horizon, ranging from 300 to 2000€ we will continue to be the watch brand for both the watch enthusiast as well as for the first time buyer looking for a timeless design at an affordable price. For that is exactly what the Tusenö customer looks like today - hobby collectors, style-conscious and hard core watch nerds. Welcome to the Tusenö family.

And to answer the question ”how hard can it be”? Well, it’s the hardest thing we have ever done, and we love it!

Alexander & Johan, Founders

Social responsibility

We advocate sustainability on several levels and have solid environmental ”thinking” where nature in general and the Swedish west coast in particular plays a major role in everything that has to do with Tusenö. We strive to always do our very best to minimise unnecessary transports, to produce as much as possible from recyclable material and to work with certified partners that have the same ”thinking” as we do.

In 2018 a project was launched in benefit for the Swedish Sea Rescue Society our Blackwater model was made in a limited edition run and for every watch sold a donation was made to the SSRS. This resulted in an extremely special watch that will help to save lives on the sea. The donation was large enough to run a rescue station for a whole year.

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Media & Customer Reviews

" It's an accomplishment for a brand of this size to pull off this watch (Blackwater). "

" Through a mix of exciting materials and an extraordinary attention to details their pieces speaks to both watch enthusiast as well as the style conscious man. "

" Tusenö has stuck with a dead classic design, powered by a highly respected Seiko mecha-quartz hybrid movement. "

" One of the biggest stand outs in Scandinavian watchmaking is undoubtedly Tusenö. "

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