Blackwater SSRS Edition

In August 2018 we introduced the Blackwater SSRS Edition, an automatic complex diver watch limited to 300 pieces in benefit of the Swedish Sea Rescue Society (SSRS).

Tusenö is based on the Swedish west coast which means that water is always present, therefore a diver watch was the obvious choice for us as the next step. A diver is the perfect watch for everyday use but also a bold statement underneath a cuff.

A few months after the release date the Blackwater SSRS Edition was sold out, 300 lucky owners now had a few months of waiting before they received their watch in end of May 2019.

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– Swiss Made
– Automatisk
– 30 ATM / 300 meters
– Pris 10.000 kr / €1.000 (when released)

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Made for rough seas

As soon as we got the OK from The Swedish Sea Rescue we knew that we had to create something really special. A watch that could cope with even the worst autumn storm the Swedish west coast could throw at it. And they can be pretty tough…

Blackwater was created to be a useful tool even in the most risk filled operations. A watch that can handle 300 meters depth, bitter cold and being thrown around demands precision all the way from the drawing board to the final quality control.

The SSRS does not only operate in and on water, they also use helicopters in their daily work, so we had to make sure that Blackwater would be extremely reliable to heavy vibrations. This was solved by using Hytrel gaskets inside the threads to make sure vibrations would not impact the screws used in the watch.

As always we believe less is more. In Blackwater visibility is of real importance therefore we made sure that the dial would be easily read both on land and in the darkness of the deep. No distractions just pure usability.

Blackwater is made to be used, and ideally as often as possible beneath the surface. A great diver extension system to the locking mechanism is key when using the watch with your drysuit, because we are all deepwater divers, right?


In the early 1900’s, Swedish sea rescue was in such a bad shape that is often was used as a international warning example.

In 1903, the Swedish coast line was ravaged by severe storms that caused the death of many people. The same year a world congress on sea rescue was held in Germany. There Sweden, together with Greece, was highlighted for particularly poor rescue service for shipwrecked mariners.

Participant in this conference was Swedish Albert Isakson, at the time a shipbuilding engineer at English Lloyd. Determined to do something about this poor situation, he traveled back home to Sweden to spread the word and make a change.

The Swedish government showed no interest in Albert’s vision of an effective national sea rescue. Instead, he gathered private representatives of Swedish shipping for a meeting in Stockholm on June 1, 1907. After the meeting an organization had been formed - Svenska Sällskapet för Räddning af Skeppsbrutne (SSRS) or The Swedish Sea Rescue Society.

Ten years after the forming of the organization, in 1917 there were 4770 members and a total of 11 rescue vessels.

Fast forward 100 years and those numbers have risen to 11 .000 members and over 200 vessels of different kinds, but most importantly there are now 2319 rescue workers in the organization who constantly put their own lives at risk for the sake of others, totally voluntarily.

The Swedish Sea Rescue Society participates in around 80% of all sea rescue operations in Sweden, that’s quite an extraordinary number.

A watch that save lives

When we got the OK from SSRS to proceed with project Blackwater back in 2017, we were over the moon! Growing up just by the sea SSRS have always been around and contributing to a feeling of safety even during the roughest of autumn storms when out sailing.

For us to launch Blackwater as a limited edition of only 300 watches that will benefit their work is our way of saying thank you for all their hard work and also a way of offering our customers a very special watch.

For every watch sold we donated the equivalent value of one years membership to the SSRS. This means that this isn’t just a very special watch, it will also help saving lives.

SSRS om Project Blackwater

"The donation from Tusenö helps us run a medium-sized station for one year. A station that makes 50 rescue missions a year."

– Niklas Jendeby, Head of communications

Hodinkee – The world’s leading online watch magazine

In December 2018 Hodinkee author Jason Heaton picked up the Blackwater SSRS Edition in his pod “The Grey Nato”

Hodinkee is in our eyes the best online magazine and source of information of watches in the world and it’s an honor for us to hear all the positive words about Blackwater.

Listen to the Hodinkee pod “The Grey Nato” and Jason Heaton below.

The Blackwater Softshell Jacket

Before the launch of the Blackwater SSRS Edition we created a softshell jacket for our annual Swedish west coast tour. Initially this was made only for the Tusenö team, but we were overwhelmed with requests of making these available for customers when it appeared on the first real photos of the watch, so we listened.

Blackwater customers could, for a limited time, reserve a softshell jacket. For those who reserved a specific number of the 300 timepieces they would have their number printed on the jacket too. Pretty cool – and much appreciated of the customers.

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Blackwater SSRS Edition


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