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" De startade klockmärke med hjälp av crowdfunding. Resultatet överträffade förväntningarna. "

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" The First 42 collection has more care and attention to detail put into its creation than most of the designer watches on the market today. "

" It's an accomplishment for a brand of this size to pull off this watch (Blackwater SSRS Edition). "

" Through a mix of exciting materials and an extraordinary attention to details their pieces speaks to both watch enthusiast as well as the style conscious man. "

" One of the biggest stand outs in Scandinavian watchmaking is undoubtedly Tusenö and they have showcased this very fact once again with their latest release – the limited edition, Blackwater Watch. "

" The Tusenö First 42 is most probably the nicest chrono to come out of Kickstarter. "

" Tusenö has stuck with a dead classic design, powered by a highly respected Seiko mecha-quartz hybrid movement. "

" When you consider just how visually striking they are and the quality materials that have been used in their construction, their low price point is nothing short of miraculous. "

" Among the best watches in 2017. A timeless and classy look. "

" Swedish Tusenö has in a short period of time become a brand to remember. "


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